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Bosses work yall should do the same. #JuniorEP

"Damn because of my work I missed out Smh"

"Today will be a productive day with my producer @frescoquick, we got a interview for yall coming up. Yes yes #JuniorEP"

"The studio is back!!! Yes yes"

This nigga @frescoquick will fall asleep anywhere I tell you.. lol Smh

"I May have fucked up, but I’m still living."

At the end I just want what I want and win with my family… That’s it, that’s all. #JuniorEP

"What is trust? Why do you lie? How do you make someone feel good but shit at the same time? I guess the answer that I’m looking for will never be known? Smh I guess life takes its tolls and I’m driving with no stops paying every last one."

Studio session lastnight in Cudi studio under the Boss act. #ForeverTrue